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Updated January 2017

Brief introduction to subject aims/description

Staff: We love our subject. For us English goes beyond the classroom and examination results: we read for pleasure; we are natural communicators and know that our voice is best heard when we choose the right words. We will strive to pass this passion on to you. We have the highest expectations of our students because we know you can achieve more than you realise. In our work with others we are supportive: reflective rather than critical.  Constantly learning from one another we understand that education doesn’t end when you leave school.

You can expect to be encouraged, challenged, guided and supported by your English teachers.

Pupils: You are naturally curious and realise that asking questions is the first step to learning. You are independent and use your time, both in and outside of the classroom, to the best of your ability. With high aspirations you have a desire to be the very best you can be. You are supportive of others and recognise that you can always learn something new from those around you. You are determined and resolved in your approach to English; you know that real learning does not come easily and you are happy to take risks, try again and learn from your mistakes.

We expect our students to be enthusiastic, driven, reflective and thoughtful.

Head of Faculty

Mrs G. Garner

Programme Leaders

Mr T. Knight (Responsibility for KS5 and intervention at KS4)

Mrs M. Dean (Responsibility for KS3 and  non-secondary ready)

Subject Teachers

Mrs O. Pattison

Mr N. Tones

Mrs J. Cafferty

Mrs L. Brewer

Mr J. Tompkinson

Mrs E. Button

Ms S. Blamires (maternity cover)

Curriculum overview including links to exam board specifications


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