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Academic Curriculum

The Crawshaw Curriculum 2018-2019


At Crawshaw Academy, we strive to deliver a curriculum that is broad, balanced, challenging and engaging. It is designed to inspire students to learn. The Curriculum builds upon the Crawshaw Strive philosophy in encouraging students to be aspirational in their outlook and supporting students to fulfil their potential, equipping them with the skills, knowledge and qualities to be successful lifelong learners. Preparing students for the world of work is core part of the Crawshaw Academy vision and the curriculum is developed to support students in becoming work ready.

A fundamental aspect of the Crawshaw curriculum is that it is personalised to best meet the needs of students. The curriculum is reviewed annually and adjusted to reflect the changing needs and priorities of our students.

For the academic year 2018-2019 the following provides an overview of the curriculum. For more subject specific information, please see the Faculty pages in the ‘Learning’ section.


A core part of the Curriculum is ‘Guidance’. The Guidance programme is tailored to each year group and incorporates PSHE topics of study including Health and Well Being and e-safety. It also provides the opportunity to further develop students’ skills for learning by developing collaborative working and study skills. Work on developing Growth Mindsets is a further focus, with critical elements such as resilience and perseverance covered during the programme. Each fortnightly Guidance theme runs through the Guidance hour, tutor times and assembly and includes a ‘Thought for the Day’ shared with students every morning.

Guidance Plus afternoons are calendared at points through the year which allow an opportunity for greater depth of study into the identified focus topic for the day.

Key Stage 3

In Years 7, 8 and 9 students are divided into two mixed ability ‘bands’. Within these bands, all students study the core subjects of English, maths and science. In addition students follow programmes of learning in history, geography, ICT, modern foreign languages, food and nutrition, design technology, drama, music, art, RE and PE.

To support the enjoyment of reading and the development of literacy skills, all students in Key Stage 3 participate in the Accelerated Reader programme. This includes silent reading during two afternoon tutor sessions a week with the expectation that AR reading will be undertaken at home by students. An hour’s English lesson a fortnight is timetabled in the Learning Resource Centre which acts as a review session and sets students new challenges for the fortnight ahead in AR.

Where it has been identified through assessment data as being of benefit, some students participate in Literacy and/or Numeracy lessons in addition to their normal English and maths lessons. The purpose of these lessons is to accelerate student’s progress in these aspects which will then support their learning and progress in all lessons across the curriculum.

In Year 9, students are provided with the opportunity to begin a programme of learning in Spanish in addition to French. This provides students with a wider range of language experience prior to the options process that is undertaken during Year 9.


Key Stage 4

In Years 10 and 11 all students follow a programme of learning that includes maths, English (Language and Literature), a minimum of two science GCSEs, and PE. At Key Stage 4 students also participate in the Guidance programme and in addition to the delivery of PSHE there is an increased focus on transferable skills for life which aid students’ preparation for examinations and the successful completion of portfolio based assessments.

In addition to the core curriculum, students can choose four options from an extensive range of GCSEs and equivalent qualifications. The Academy strives to accommodate all subject choices, within the constraints of a school timetable and available staffing.

Further information on the options process, including the latest Y9 to 10 Choices booklet, can be found on the Academy website during the option choices process.

For September 2018 Year 10 students, the option choices available were: 

-          Art

-          Business Studies (GCSE and BTEC)

-          Computing

-          Drama

-          Food and Cookery

-          French

-          Geography

-          Health and Social

-          History

-          ICT – Digital Applications - CIDA

-          Music

-          RE (Philosophy and Ethics)

-          Physical Education – Sports Science

-          Design Technology

-          Separate Sciences

-          Spanish

For some of our level 1 learners we offer a separate provision where they can be supported in, for example, developing literacy, numeracy and core skills to aid learning and development across all subjects. However all of these learners still take all the core subjects and a small number of other courses appropriate to their needs and abilities.

Key Stage 5

Crawshaw is a partner within the Pudsey Post 16 Confederation and as such offers a wide range of courses, both academic and vocational, through its link with Priesthorpe and Pudsey Grangefield schools. Information on the Post 16 confederation and the most recent prospectus outlining the courses available can be found here. 


Curriculum time

For a guide to the amount of curriculum time each Faculty and curriculum area is allocated for the academic year 2017-2018.

British Values

The Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development of our students is a thread that runs through Crawshaw Academy. Our approach to SMSC is embedded in the Crawshaw Community Standards of mutual respect, supporting others and being a role model in the community; it is an approach that we believe is fundamental to a full and positive participation in life in modern Britain.

For the most recent subject audit on Promoting fundamental British values as part of SMSC, please click here.


Work readiness and employability

To support students in their development and readiness towards the world of work, there are a number of opportunities that are available. Links with external agencies such as Ahead Partnerships allow students to participate in a range of business and employment related activities including careers fairs and business visits. Independent careers advice and guidance is available via the school’s partnership with Shine and we have access to a Shine careers advisor at key times throughout the year, for example during the options processes. Crawshaw also has subscription to Fast Tomato, an online careers programme which is available for students and parents to use; careers education is an integral part of the Guidance programme throughout the school. Year 12 students undertake a period of Work Experience as part of their Post 16 study programmes.

For further information on the curriculum overview, please contact Robin Ghosal, Vice Principal


For subject related matters please use the same email address to contact the subject leader or for year group related queries please contact the relevant Year Manager in the first instance. 

Suzanne Gaughan           

Year 8  John Rowe           

Year 9  Barry Jones           

Year 10 Claire Dyson       

Year 11 Melanie Dwight   

Post 16 Michelle Potter