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Health and Wellbeing at Crawshaw Academy

At Crawshaw Academy we believe that good health and wellbeing is essential for successful learning and happy lives for children and young people.

We want Crawshaw Academy to be a caring environment that enables learners to develop confidence and positive relationships based on mutual respect and to gain knowledge to make healthy lifestyle choices. Learning through health and wellbeing promotes confidence, independent thinking and positive attitudes and dispositions.

This is the one of the reasons we have created a Health and Wellbeing Faculty in school led by Miss Nicholson. Good health and wellbeing is central to effective learning and preparation for successful independent living for all young people.

This is the reason we will be introducing a number of new initiatives in the next academic year. You can see that already we will be starting with a focus on energy drinks and chewing and would encourage you to have these conversations with your children prior to September.

Learning will cover areas such as physical education, food and health, substance misuse, relationships, sexual health, parenthood, social and life skills, dependent on the age, development and maturity of each individual child. As a result, children will become more self-assured and will have more awareness of the effect their actions have on others.

They will be supported to gain knowledge, understanding, skills and capabilities to help them feel more informed about making healthy lifestyle choices now and in the future. Student resilience and wellbeing are essential for both academic and social development and this is optimised by the provision of safe, supportive and respectful learning environments.

We share this responsibility with the whole community. Not only do confident, resilient children perform better academically, these skills can also contribute to the creation of strong social bonds and supportive communities, and the maintenance of healthy relationships and responsible lifestyles. If you have any queries about the Health and Wellbeing at Crawshaw Academy or if you have any ideas or contacts we could use, please do not hesitate to contact Miss Nicholson at school.


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