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Crawshaw Academy: Homework/Independent Learning

The setting and completion of homework encourages pupils to take a responsible and conscientious attitude to their own work and study and supports the Crawshaw Academy Strive philosophy.

Well planned homework can help promote a love of learning and children’s intellectual curiosity whilst also playing a vital role in supporting student success and achievement.

Crawshaw Academy expects teachers to set challenging homework, as appropriate for the age and stage of students, that consolidates learning, deepens understanding and prepares students very well for work to come.

Sufficient time for the completion of the work should be provided to students through the setting of realistic deadlines. ALL homework, including subject, task and deadline must be recorded in the student planner.

Years 7-11

To support students’ organisation of their work outside of the classroom, a homework timetable has been created which identifies to staff when homework should be set for each class. This is the minimum expectation and homework may set at an increased frequency if appropriate. The timetable identifies details of the nature and frequency of homework that will be set for English, Maths, Science, MFL, Geography and History at Key Stage 3. Other subjects are also expected to set homework commensurate with the total amount of curriculum time; however, due to the nature of the curriculum timetable it is not appropriate to identify these specifically. Staff in these subjects should communicate to students the expectations of homework setting. At Key Stage 4 the teachers will indicate the days for when English, Maths, Science and Option subject home learning tasks are set.

As well as being written in student planners, the home learning should be recorded by staff on Teams (as an assignment) or Arbor. Students who have not been able to complete homework may be invited to an after school support session to allow them to complete the task with support from the class teacher.

In Years 7-10 BedRock Vocabulary, reading and communications tasks will also form part of the homework expectations. (see below for this year's Home Learning Expectations)

 Key Stage 3/4 Home Learning Expectations

Post 16

Students at Post 16 do not have a formal homework timetable; however, homework and independent learning should be set in accordance to the requirements of the course. In addition to work completed out of school, students have specified Independent Learning sessions identified on their timetable for each subject for which sufficient work should be set.

The amount of homework will vary according to the age and stage of the pupils; however, it should always be of value. Homework should result in feedback to the learner and this may take a variety of forms including: online, oral feedback, student peer and self-assessment or formal written feedback.

Should you have queries about homework, please contact the relevant Year Manager in the first instance.