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Mr Smyth meets the Dalai Lama

Mr Smyth, International Co-ordinator and ICT teacher at Crawshaw School travelled to India in November week as a guest of Tong -Len, a partnership of the Indian-based charity Tong-Len Charitable Trust and the UK charity, Tong-Len UK.  As a specialist Humanities College, Crawshaw has had links with the Tong Len Charity in India for 6 years and has keenly supported it through various fundraising events. 

The money raised by the school has helped Tong- Len in supporting destitute children in Dharamsala, north India, to access full-time education through its sponsorship programme.   The school has also contributed to the building of the new hostels, one for school age and one for pre-school children, which can accommodate up to 90 of the poorest and most vulnerable children from this area.  Mr Smyth has been invited as a guest at the official opening and inauguration of the hostel by His Holiness the Dalai Lama on the 19th November.  During the visit he will also be spending time with the Children from the Tong Len Hostel to develop some curriculum materials for Year 7 geography lessons about migration and the causes for people ending up living in Poverty. 


Mr Smyth with Tong Len sponsored children in front of the new hostel


Mr Smyth said “It was a great honour to be invited to this event and to represent the school at an international level.  We have done a great deal of work in developing links with Tong Len over the years so it is very satisfying to see the developments made and the impact that the charity has on the lives of so many young people.” 


Mr Smyth meets the Dalai Lama

(Mr Smyth, four to the Dalai Lama's left) 

Mr Smyth's work in India did not stop there.  He also visited Crawshaw’s partner school, the G.A.V. School in the town of Kangra, Northern India.  Crawshaw has had a successful global school partnership with G.A.V. School for three years and there have been several staff exchanges between the schools.  Steve will be discussing and planning project work in subjects including English, Citizenship, Art, RE, ICT, Food Technology and Maths for future joint curriculum projects.  Part of the visit focused on planning for a group of Crawshaw international student ambassadors to travel to G.A.V. School during the Easter break 2012.  This will be the first visit of its kind since the partnership began and since his return, Mr Smyth has been carrying out a recruitment process to select the students who will making this journey.  Both schools are developing their Global Dimension work and Crawshaw was awarded the Intermediate stage of the International Schools award In July 2011.