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Barclays Premier League Trophy to visit Crawshaw

Barclays Premier League Trophy visits Crawshaw Academy

The Barclays Premier League Trophy will visit Crawshaw Academy, Pudsey on Wednesday 21st October 2015 giving football fans the opportunity to see the ultimate prize in English football.

Barclays LifeSkills has teamed up with the Barclays Premier League Trophy Tour to bring this unique opportunity to approximately 200 students based at Crawshaw Academy.

The arrival of the Trophy comes as Crawshaw Academy celebrates being chosen from hundreds of institutions who have taken part in a Barclays LifeSkills volunteer-led session this year 

Barclays LifeSkills is a free, curriculum-linked, education programme designed to give young people in the UK access to the skills, information and opportunities they need to help them towards getting the jobs they want. In schools, online, and through work experience, apprenticeships and traineeships.

Richard Coates, Alternative Learning Manager at Crawshaw Academy said: Crawshaw Academy are committed to developing the employability skills of our students and part of this curriculum involves using the LifeSkills resources offered by Barclays. We are pleased to announce the visit of the Barclays Premier League Trophy

Karen Swainston, Head of Corporate Relations for Barclays in Yorkshire said: "Barclays is delighted to reward Crawshaw Academy, one of our active LifeSkills participants, with a visit from the iconic Barclays Premier League Trophy. LifeSkills is Barclays flagship Citizenship programme aiming to improve the employability skills of one million young people by the end of 2015 – a figure we hit in January 2015, 11 months early.”


Barclays Premier League Trophy

1. The trophy stands at three foot five inches tall and twenty four inches wide.

2. The total weight of the trophy is four stone. The base of the trophy accounts for two and a half stone alone.

3. Cast by Asprey and Garrard, the Crown Jewellers, the main body of the trophy is made from solid sterling silver. The crown is cast from 24 carat silver which is gold plated to a depth of half a millimetre.

4. The base of the trophy is made from Malacite, a semi-precious stone found in Africa. The green colour of the opaque stone represents the field of play.

5. The design of the trophy is based on the theme of 'The Three Lions of English Football'. Two of the lions can be found above the handles on either side of the trophy. When the captain of the title winning team raises the trophy (and its gold crown) above his head at the end of the season, he becomes the third lion.

6. The trophy is officially classed as 'priceless'.