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Road Safety Done Differently

Friday 4th October 2013 saw another first at Crawshaw (and in West Yorkshire) as students from year 10 to year 13 were confronted with harsh truths about road deaths as part of a life-sized puppet show aimed at promoting safety to young people.

The powerful Theatre in Education puppet show was shown to the students as the result of a partnership between Crawshaw's partner, local vehicle leasing and fleet management company Zenith, and their own link with tyre manufacturer Michelin.

Puppeteer Steve Wright uses characters to which young people can relate to convey messages about the dangers of peer pressure, the importance of individual decision-making and how teenagers can become positive role models to their friends.

Michelin first presented the show to pupils and young drivers at 15 schools near its UK headquarters in Staffordshire, and has since united with several other organisations to spread the safety messages to more than 10,000 young people across the UK. Michelin’s partnership with Zenith has made it possible for the show to visit West Yorkshire for the first time.

Michelin’s Head of Fleet Dave Crinson said: “Today, being a passenger in a car is the most common cause of death for females aged between 16 and 24 in the UK. That is truly frightening.

"At Michelin safety is paramount and a huge amount of research and technology goes into making our tyres as safe as possible, but we are also committed to investing in programmes such as the puppet show which encourages young drivers and young passengers to be responsible for their actions.

“The levels of positive feedback we have had from students across the UK has been overwhelming and we are delighted Zenith’s link with Crawshaw School has given us the opportunity to talk to young people in West Yorkshire for the first time.”

Mark Connor, Operations Director at Zenith said: “The puppeteer tackles road safety messages in an edgy and memorable way, which will hopefully positively influence the students in their behaviour as drivers, passengers or pedestrians.”

Zenith has a three-year partnership with Crawshaw School arranged through Ahead Partnership, a social enterprise that works with the public and private sectors to foster social and economic regeneration.

Claire Studd, Senior Leader at Crawshaw said "This is yet another fantastic example of the important and varied learning opportunities that have become available to our students through the sustainable relationships we are building with companies such as Zenith through our involvement with Ahead Partnership.

"We were delighted to welcome Michelin to the school and whilst this is an uncomfortable and hard hitting subject, there is no doubt as to its importance, particularly when considering the impact that these issues have on so many lives And families.