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STEM Ambassadors Visit Crawshaw

On Tuesday 7th May our Science department hosted an event for Gifted & Talented students.  STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  STEM subjects are integral to the UK’s success: the UK is the world’s sixth largest manufacturer, engineering turnover is around £800 billion per year, and whilst the UK makes up only 1% of the world’s population, we produce 10% of the world’s top scientific research.  Government has long identified STEM education as a major priority at both school and Higher Education level. One challenge for STEM teaching is to help young people recognise how the science, design & technology, computer science, engineering and mathematics that they study at school or college can lead to rich and varied career pathways. By reaching outside their own classroom, teachers collaborate across subjects, enhance and enrich the school curriculum, make links with the world of work, and use varied contexts to help young people relate school STEM subjects with their real-world experience.

STEM Ambassadors who are experts in their field volunteer their time to work with students to raise the profile of the STEM subjects and encourage students to consider these as future career options.  We welcomed Zeeshan Ejaz and Dr Jo Kelly from St James University Hospital Histopathology department to run the event with support from our Science department. 


The first session looked at human anatomy down the microscope and recognising live human tissue.  The second was a staining activity, whereby students carried out a simple stain on human tissue which uses dyes. The students worked together in groups of two or three to undertake the activities and report their findings.  The feedback we received from our visitors was extremely positive, with praise being heaped upon the students and the staff for their support both in planning and on the day. 

Zeeshan Ejaz said “It was a pleasure to meet Crawshaw staff and students yesterday during the STEM event.  Both Jo and myself would like to personally thank the school for letting us come in to carry out the activity. We would like to say a big thank you to all the members of staff in particular the science technical staff Sue James and Sue Winn for their help in setting up and packing up the kits. A big thank you also to Ms Dale and Mr Doughty for allowing us to take over their class for the day.”  He added: “The two groups who participated in the event were extremely well behaved and a credit to your school. It was an enjoyable experience and we hope to partake in future activities with the school. We hope the students will have benefitted in some way in choosing their future careers.”

The future: Crawshaw has been lucky enough to be selected to take part in a similar pathology type experience to be offered at Leeds University later this year and we are currently investigating setting up an after school STEM club where students and staff would work collaboratively on a project organised by a local STEM ambassador.  We will report about this event, as ever, on the website and via the e-Bulletin