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Year 7 Visit Normandy

Mrs Morrison reports

Despite it being almost 11.00pm when we set off for the Yr 7 Trip to Normandy, the coach buzzed with excitement as 42 pupils waved goodbye to their parents.  We may have been mistaken, but we were sure that the sound of champagne corks echoed in the distance as we drove away! As we started our journey the million dollar question was “How many Haribos could be consumed before the next pit stop” The answer was a lot!

Before boarding the ferry, we picked up our final crew member, Tony the coach driver.  He had been tasked with the job of transporting us to and around Normandy for the second year running, specifically requested for being such a great addition to the team on last years’ trip.

The ferry crossing was not quick enough for some of the party, including Mrs Neilson our designated First Aider, who turned a funny shade of green, but quickly recovered as we docked into Calais. 



Our first stop in France was a hypermarket where Mr Davies, the Financial Director, distributed the Euros and the students got to try out their language and shopping skills for the first time as they bought lunch for a picnic.  We then spent time in the picturesque town of Honfleur before heading to our base in Port en Bessin, another beautiful coastal town.  A long day was finished with a walk along the headland before a much needed sleep.

The itinerary over the next three days was packed full thanks to the excellent planning by Mr Asquith, the tour organiser.  There were too many fantastic activities to mention them all, but highlights included a trip to the zoo, some amazing attractions linked to the Normandy Landings, including Pointe du Hoc and the town of Arramanches.  The students (and staff!) tried out their haggling skills at Caen market and a couple of daredevils also attempted to break the world record for the number of rides on the Claw at Festeland theme park. 

A boules tournament, regular visits to the local Crepe Bar, a disco and quiz also ensured that evenings were jam packed with fun. 

As we returned to Pudsey last Monday evening, the general consensus was that everyone, although absolutely shattered, had had a fantastic time.  The weather made it, but the students even more so.  They were a credit to the school.  Mrs Lodge the Team Translator was redundant as they took every opportunity to practice their language skills and were a pleasure to spend time with.  It certainly was a Bon Voyage!