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Red Kite Learning Trust

For Parents/Carers

Uniform and Equipment

Please make sure that all belongings are clearly labelled.

Crawshaw Academy believes that our uniform plays an important part in supporting the ethos of the academy and reflects the standard of appearance that we expect by:

  • Promoting a communal identity unique to the academy
  • Reflecting high standards of appearance thus creating a sense of pride in the academy community
  • Protecting students from social pressure to dress in a particular way

Crawshaw Academy_2021 (126) (Large)

Crawshaw school blazer Purchased from Whittakers. This should be worn at all times, unless permission is given within the classroom by individual teachers.
Plain white school shirt Needs to fasten to the neck and can be worn with the school tie. It must be long enough to be tucked into either school trousers or skirt.
Clip on school tie

Purchased from Whittakers with the coloured stripe appropriate for the year group:

Year 7 – Yellow, Year 8 – Orange, Year 9 – Purple, Year 10 – Green, Year 11 – Red

Crawshaw school jumper This is an optional item.
Crawshaw black skirt OR trousers Plain black charleston style skirt of a length of no more than 2 inches above the knee OR black tailored trousers. Trousers must NOT be of canvas or denim type material/style. Leggings can not be worn.Trousers that are tight around the ankle will not be allowed
Shoes Flat, all-black leather or leather look shoes only. NO SUEDE.
The definition of shoes does not include trainers, or any trainer type shoe or canvas shoes.
We will not allow trainers.
Any item of footwear that covers the ankle is defined by the school as a boot and is therefore unacceptable.
Please note: footwear should not have sport logos such as Nike or Adidas etc.
Converse are not allowed however we will allow leather Vans with the logo removed.


  • Quarter zip outdoor top
  • PLAIN White Polo Shirt
  • Black Shorts
  • Black Football Socks/White Sports Socks
  • Trainers
  • Shin pads (recommended for football/hockey)
  • Mouth guards (recommended for rugby/hockey)

Students who are excused are required to bring a note. Students excused are still part of the learning process and are involved in a non-active role. They must therefore still get changed but can also wear black leggings or tracksuit bottoms.

Please contact school if any adjustments need to be made for religious reasons to enable this to be discussed.

Second Hand Uniform can be purchased on the following websites

If parents are having difficulties accessing second hand uniform from the sites above, then please contact school and we will to support you in sourcing second hand uniform, especially items that are Crawshaw specific, i.e. Blazers and PE reversible/sweatshirt.


  • A wrist watch may be worn and one plain stud per ear. No additional piercings are allowed. Facial piercings must be removed.
  • All piercings must be removed for P.E.
  • The summer break is the most appropriate time for new piercings to allow time to heal.
  • Please do not bring any other jewellery to school as it will need to be removed.

Minimal make up in natural colours is allowed. Excessive make up or bright colours will need to be removed. False nails and eye lashes are not appropriate for school and should not be worn. This is for safety reasons.

Hair must not be dyed in bright colours. Only natural colours are acceptable. Long hair is best tied back and for practical subjects MUST be tied back for safety reasons.

Correct Academy Uniform


These shoes are suitable

These shoes are not suitable


The right trousers

No Jeans


School Equipment

Basic Equipment

Every student is expected to come equipped for work every day – they MUST have for every lesson:

  • Black or Blue Pens (Black pens only for exams)
  • Pencils
  • A ruler
  • A rubber
  • A pencil sharpener,
  • A green pen
  • A calculator
  • Their planner

It is strongly recommended that they also have their own dictionary for English and the foreign language studied.

A strong bag is also essential to carry books, games kit, etc. – but the bag must be able to keep books clean and tidy. It is therefore advised that lunch items and P.E. kit are kept separate from schoolbooks.

The student’s form tutor will check the above everyday.

All students need a reading book every day.


Textbooks and certain specialist equipment may be issued ON LOAN. An exercise book or folder will be given for each subject. The student will be expected to pay for a replacement for any loss or wilful damage.

Food and Nutrition (Health and Wellbeing lesson in Year 7)

For health and safety reasons students need to have a named apron (which goes over the head) for practical lessons. These are available to buy from Whittakers, Farsley

How to purchase uniforms E-Leaflet 2023

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