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Post 16

Future Ready/CEIAG


Careers-LOGO-(1)Welcome to our Careers page.  We hope you find what you are looking for. 

Please contact Dr Kate Smith on with any questions.

Please scroll down to find the different areas of information and support.


Every term we publish a Careers newsletter that details all the exciting activities we have been up to!  

Please view them here:

Careers newsletter Summer 2023

Careers newsletter Spring 2023

Careers newsletter Autumn 2022

Careers newsletter Summer 2022

Careers newsletter Autumn 2021

Careers newsletter Summer 2021

Careers newsletter Autumn 2020



 Quality in Careers Standard

We are delighted to announce that in June 2021, Crawshaw Academy underwent an assessment day which led to us being awarded the Quality in Careers Standard.This nationally recognised award acknowledges the careers guidance and planning that goes on in our school, and we are thrilled!


Labour market information

The Local Enterprise partnership has released its latest review of the state of the labour market in our region. It makes for very interesting reading, particularly around the decline in apprenticeships for young people. This is why it is so important to have a college place as well as searching for an apprenticeship - this evidence tells us that most apprenticeships are going to over 18s, not to 16 year olds. 

Read the LMI report here

View the LMI Presentation_2023 


New resources to research Careers and destination

The ASK Apprenticeship Padlet is a one stop shop for all apprenticeship information - grab a cup of tea and look through it for some interesting ideas and information.

Made with Padlet

Introduction to apprenticeships

Every year, Year 10 receive an 'introduction to apprenticeships' talk .Students get a lot of useful pointers and information from Linda Beever, who works with West Yorkshire Learning Partnership and the National Apprenticeship service.

The slides she talked through are here

Options at Post 16

As Year 11 students begin to make applications to college, they may find the guide below helpful when writing personal statements

Click here



All Crawshaw students have access to the Start Programme, at Start Profile. This is an online Careers platform which is so useful.  Students access this in Enterprise lessons and we'd love to see them using it at home with their parents as well. 

Students will need their Start account to login - for Year 9, 10 and 11, it is your old e-mail address ( and the password is Start123. For Years 7,8 and 12 it is your new e-mail address ( and the password is Start123. If you are having issues accessing it, please e-mail Mrs Wearing on

Statutory documents

Careers policy

Learner entitlement statement

Provider Access Policy

future learn

Future Learn Free courses  

This platform gives you access to hundreds of free courses exploring all aspects of study from astrophysics to spy techniques!  A great way to stay engaged before starting your college or university courses.  Click here to access

Go Higher taster days! 

If you are interested in going to University, but aren't sure what it would be like studying certain subjects, then this is for you! 

Please click on the logo below and enrol for the free taster days. 

We had an informative session from GHWY on the 23rd June 2021.  If you were unable to join us on our Teams call, please view the slides we talked through here. 

Parent Support

Future goals logo

We are all aware of the impact of the pandemic on the jobs market in West Yorkshire, and it is likely that the ramifications of Covid will last for several years.  Many parents and carers don't feel equipped to help their children with next steps because the landscape has shifted so much.  Futuregoals have designed a useful range of materials to provide you with the information needed to help your child. There are activities to work through and it is presented in a very engaging way. 

Find out more today at

In addition, all students have access to the Start Platform, which is a fantastic way to research Careers and pathways and allows students to build up a profile based on their likes and dislikes.  We'd love to see parents and carers working through this with their children.  Usernames for Start are the old e-mail address ( and passwords are Start123.  If you are having any issues with accessing any of these resources/passwords, please contact


ASK Apprenticeship service regularly produce 'parent packs' and the back catalogue of these is available - please click here  to view them.

Work experiences

Year 10 completed some virtual work experience in July.  Parents have been e-mailed with the information about how they can move that on as a summer project. 

Students in 2020-2021 have been unable to do any work experience, and companies have been putting together some incredibly useful virtual offers in a range of careers.  Year 11 students have had the list e-mailed to them, but here it is for other students;   Virtual opportunities | CEC Resource Directory (

Speakers for Schools have some excellent work experience opportunities.  Sign up here .

Job Spotlight

Jobs you might not have heard of but which are either specialism shortages, or something interesting to consider.

There are hundreds of vacancies for Occupational therapists for the NHS.  Click on this link to find out more Occupational Therapist - Is it for me? - Bing video

A new website called 'My Path' is spotlighting different careers each week in short, engaging videos.  Please follow for some great ideas. 

  • @MYPATHcareersUK

Interested in a career in construction?

City and Guilds have released an excellent on line course to introduce students to the world of construction. 

Topics covered include an introduction to the construction industry, starting out in the sector and the journey to getting a job. The course also outlines progression and career opportunities and what it takes to run a construction business.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to reflect on whether a career in construction is right for them, identify entry level routes into construction, explore potential career pathways, investigate the role of health and safety and the importance of diversity in the industry and explore the role of training and qualifications.

Designed for anybody considering a career in construction, the course has had over 1,600 enrolments since its launch in March.

Please click here for joining details. 


Year 9 - Options, subjects and jobs

A question I am often asked is 'what jobs can I do with subject x or y?'  Careers Pilot has an excellent set of pages dedicated to that exact question and it's the best I've found on the web.  Please check it out when you are making your choices in Year 9 and 11.  I am reliably informed that the Health and Social Care page is under instruction and will soon be available. 

Careerpilot : Plan your future work & study.

Options at Post 16

Year 10 & 11 students 

These resources will help you make some decisions around next steps.

 This infographic is a really helpful place to start  - please click to view

As Year 11 students begin to make applications to college, they may find the guide on the right helpful when writing personal statementsClick here

Writing cover letters and understanding interview questions is also an important part of these next steps.  The websites below will all will help you with this. 


Apprenticeship Support

Ask Apprenticeships have created an on line offer for students please see the newsletter from them detailing what they do here

The Amazing Apprenticeships website also has some great resources:  

rate my apprenticeship

'Rate My Apprenticeship' has been doing some virtual events.  If you didn't manage to access these live, please watch the videos here - it gives a great insight into the variety and range of apprenticeships available. 

Applying for ApprenticeshipsPlease press here for some guidance on how to find suitable apprenticeships, and some tips on writing your CV and making applications. 

Traineeships. These are a fairly new addition to the options you have at aged 16 to 18 and are designed to give you employability skills combined with work placements if you are not yet ready for the next step.  Please click here for information around these.  

apprenticeship guide

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