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Red Kite Learning Trust

Learning at Crawshaw Academy

The Crawshaw Curriculum

Crawshaw Academy_2021 (109) (Large)At Crawshaw Academy, we are committed to providing a curriculum that places ‘success for all’ at the heart of what we provide as part of a broad, balanced and meaningful set of learning experiences and opportunities.  The learning experiences are designed and refined to meet the challenges of an increasingly fast-paced global and local economy, enabling students to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.  

The curriculum is further supported with wider elements of learning, and development, such as: personal, cultural and social capital; SEMH and Fundamental British Values delivered through our Curriculum for Life programme. 

We are determined to ensure all our students, whatever their talents or additional needs, find both support and challenge within our curriculum offer. We aim to inspire and motivate all of them with a varied curriculum so that they can progress successfully to the next stage of their educational journey, becoming confident and resilient young people. We believe our curriculum must be flexible and responsive to meet the needs of each individual, as far as resources allow. A range of academic, practical and vocational courses are offered, and our intervention program is planned to support all students to access learning and get the most from the curriculum.  

We run a 3 Year Key Stage 3 curriculum which follows the National Curriculum. Students in Year 9 opt to study one subject from the applied option block. These courses are aligned with our whole school curriculum intent in supporting students to become work ready, providing students an opportunity to experience ‘new’ subjects such as Business, Media and Photography. This approach to Key Stage 3 means that we can teach a broad curriculum for as long as possible and allow students to specialise and deepen knowledge of a subject that interests them and prepares them for the world of work. 

We reserve the right, under exceptional circumstances, to insist that a student accesses their educational provision in an alternative provision to Crawshaw Academy, that better suits their specific circumstances and/or the needs of the rest of the school population.

We are committed to promoting the welfare and interests of our students with special needs, supporting their families and ensuring we do our best to provide accessibility in terms of curriculum provision, human and physical resources including making reasonable adjustments where necessary. We aim to ensure a successful transition to the next step after Crawshaw.

Each subject has plotted a learning journey for students that is rich in the development of knowledge and skills and that leads towards the qualifications needed to succeed in life  

Our curriculum is: 

  • carefully designed and sequenced to ensure that students are continually learning and consolidating knowledge in a coherent structure so that it can be retained year on year; 
  • designed to be inspiring and engaging for students so that they develop a passion and enthusiasm for learning; 
  • ensures that students are challenged and tackle difficult concepts and ideas where they are required to apply the knowledge they have acquired; 
  • develops the skills of independence and resilience so that students are not over reliant on the support of others, including their teachers; 
  • places the development of reading and mathematics at its core so that students have a solid foundation of the key skills needed to be successful in further education and employment. 

Curriculum for Life (CfL) equips Crawshaw students to lead a safe, informed, and successful life whilst embracing Crawshaw’s core aims of excellence, purpose and ambition. It promotes community mindedness, tolerance, a sense of responsibility and enables pupils to identify their own aspirations for the future. 

We do this by the delivery of PSHE (physical, social, health and economic) education at Crawshaw Academy. It is divided into four areas: Personal Wellbeing and Mental Health, Sex and Relationship Education, Social Education and Physical Health and Wellbeing. Through quality first teaching and resources students are provided with the skills they need to navigate life after school and keep themselves safe. Students will be encouraged to explore issues relevant to our community and have the chance to discuss their understanding of topics including budgeting, healthy relationships and the effects of drugs. The knowledge and skills gained will enable pupils to make informed decisions and recognise risks in different situations they encounter. These skills will support our pupils to pursue a wide range of careers and destinations. 

The Curriculum is constantly reviewed and adapted to meet the needs of Crawshaw students. This is achieved by monitoring issues in the local area, student surveys and working closely with the Safeguarding Team. As a result the emphasis within the curriculum regularly changes. The impact of the lessons is assessed through questioning and homework. 

Our Resilience curriculum provides Crawshaw pupils with strategies to approach life’s challenges and overcome them. 

Crawshaw Academy is part of Red Kite Learning Trust, a charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales with company number 7523507, registered office address: Red Kite Office, Pannal Ash Road, Harrogate, HG2 9PH

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